Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What all do i need to get a website?

A: To get a website you will need a domain name, a host, and images and other contents to put on your web pages.

Q: What is your process for working with a client?

A: There is a great range in the price of a Web site. It all depends on the magnitude and complexity of the site and its constellation of features and functions.

A professional business Web site, this can run anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

Our Designers will determine the scope and nature of your Web site's requirements, analyze and organize the layout and connectivity, and define and code the visible pages.

Due to the aforementioned PixelFX came up with two options you may either create a totaly custom website by requesting a free quote.

Q: What is your process for working with a client?

A: Our process is simple and straight foward. The steps below desicripe the design process

Stage 1: Pre-Development Stage
  1. Request a Quote:  Request a Quote by either using our Quote page or calling us at 321-282-3299. For graphic or print services it is best that you call us
  2. Consultation: We will contact you for a free consultation. This consultation is without obligation and may be conducted over the phone. At the end of this consultation we will give you an estimate on how much the project will cost
  3. Agreement: Upon acceptance of estimate, Agreement is signed and down payment equivalent to 1/3 of total project cost is made. (Note: Agreement will either be signed in person or using our online agreement form).
  4. Provide Materials: You provide us with all text, files, and images for the content of your website (if you want us to help you find the images that you are looking for).

Stage 2: Development Stage

  1. Intro Page: We will design your site's introduction page (if included in Agreement). We will work with you on any changes you may wish to have made.
  2. Design Template: We will design a template from which your web pages will be created. Up to four revisions (depending on which package you selected) of this template are included in the base charge. A payment equivalent to 1/3 of total project cost is due during this phase.
  3. Content Integration: Once design is finalized, we will integrate your content into the site design.
  4. Working Model: We provide you with a working model of your Web site, at a location "hidden" from the rest of the world, for your review.

Stage 3: Post-Development Stage

  1. Going "LIVE": Once you agree on how we have integrated your site's content with the design, we will put your site "live" on the Internet. During this time both you and our design team will review the site and make any necessary final changes.
  2. Agreement Fulfilled: After you approve the completion of your site, the Agreement will be fulfilled upon receipt of any outstanding due balances.

Stage 4: Maintenance

Some of our Packages include free 1-month maintenance which you can apply within the first two months after going live. You may also purchase a maintenance package at anytime by calling us at 321-282-3299.

Q: Do you offer hosting services?

A: Yes we only host small informational websites ranging from 1-5 pages. Any larger websites we will help you find the right host free of charge.

Q: Do you offer Printing solutions?

A: Yes, we offer both design and priting services for marketing materials such as Business Cards, Brochures, Post Cards, Flyers and more... Please call us at 321.282.3299 for more information.



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